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Zelos Swordfish
ETA caliber 2892 limited edition

Welder 5 5 19Welder Mobile 5 5 19 2
Favre Leuba 4 5 19Favre Leuba Mobile 4 5 19
Spinnaker Spence Drab 3 14 19Spinnaker Spence Drab Mobile 3 14 19
Ingersoll 120th Home 3 14 19Ingersoll 120th Home Mobile 3 14 19

Watch Shop

The only watch shop where you’ll find luxury brands, affordable watches, crowdfunded microbrands, vintage, modern, wristwatches and pocket watches all in one place. We deal watches the same way we collect them: a Rolex next to a Seiko. We’re known for being the watch shop that doesn’t discriminate on price or name because we know that every collector starts somewhere, and hardcore enthusiasts have a wide range of appreciation for timepieces.

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Goods & Swag

Collectibles for watch collectors is the idea behind our Goods & Swag collection. We created a shop full of a revolving selection of watch essentials and watch industry swag that you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the must-have nylon strap or extra links, get that Oris movement display for your shelf, an HYT flash drive, or a Rolex tie straight from Baselworld.

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8:20 Blog

When we’re not buying, selling and trading watches, we’re writing about them. 8:20 is a lifestyle watch blog by KeepTheTime covering new releases, reviews and other stuff we find interesting. Every watch in our shop is set to 08:20 – a scramble of the year our company was founded: 2008. That’s how the blog got its name.

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Our Other Project

Spreading movement awareness. When we’re not filming, reviewing and trading watches, we’re building a community for enthusiasts to geek out about what makes their timepieces tick. Caliber Corner is a movement database and forum for collectors who want to learn about watches, not just wear them. Join the movement.

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The most objective watch reviews on YouTube – we let the watches do the talking.

Over 17,388,768 views and 23,148 subscribers

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