LUME WARS! Rolex Datejust II VS Milgauss Green Crystal

In this episode of LUME WARS! We compare lumeshots of two Rolex watches: a 2014 DJII with blue stick dial (ref. 116300) vs. a 2014 green crystal Milgauss 116400V. This is actually a battle between Super-LumiNova (green) and Chromalight (blue). The DJII has green Super-LumiNova lume and the Milgauss has Chromalight.

Note: The older Milgauss watches had bi-color lume with a mix of green and blue, but the last of the production line has all blue lume (read all about Chromalight here) – older models had it only on the 3, 6, and 9 markers.

Which one do you prefer? Cast your vote below!

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