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Kerbedanz Koi Tourbillon Watch

Watch Identifier: Kerbedanz Koi Tourbillon Watch Review

Kerbedanz Koi Tourbillon WatchEvery so often, we get the chance to review or sell a watch that is difficult to take the eyes off. The Neuchatel produced Kerbedanz Koi is one such watch. It’s gorgeous, stunning, mesmerizing, all the adjectives that describe distractive beauty.

The Koi has a lot going on, but it’s unexpectedly not overwhelming. On the contrary, it’s well-balanced and full of harmony – peaceful almost. Just like the koi fish species.

“Symbol of life, fecundity and virility for people, but also of wealth, the Koi carps symbolize more particularly the strength and perseverance as they move against the current of rivers and waterfalls of Japan and Asia. As their Chinese name is synonymous with the word “abundance”, their image is often used in wishes of wealth and prosperity.” -Kerbedanz

Kerbedanz hand-carved a 3D bas-relief sculpture of a pair of koi carp which pops out of the dial in white gold with blue accents. The manual-wind Sappheiros tourbillon sits in the background. The Kerbedanz/Concepto caliber KRB-02 is what keeps the time. Beating at 21,600vph with a 72 hour power reserve, this movement is made up of 168 parts. The tourbillon cage itself also has 80 parts.

The case is constructed out of 18K white gold. 46mm in diameter with sapphire crystals on the top and bottom. A alligator strap is attached with a matching white gold folding clasp. This combination would be even more perfect with a faint touch of blue were added to the strap.

Kerbedanz only makes limited editions of 5, 14 and 41. This watch is supposed to represent icons from the Far East, however, the number 4 not popular in Chinese culture (the sound for the word four is similar to the sound for the word death). In fact, many Chinese will avoid anything with the number 4 in it. KeepTheTime frequently gets calls from Chinese speaking customers asking if the numbers have 4 in it. If a 4 is present, the opportunity for a sale is inevitably lost. Maybe one of the 30 Kerbedanz workshop members or marketing team should have done more research before combing a cultural symbol with a limited run of 14.

Our customers are MIPs, most important personalities. As our name means leader/precursor, our customers are leaders and precursors in their domains. These people look for more sophisticated, not seen pieces. We work directly with the MIP, due to our network. –Interview with Kalust Zorik, Director/Chief Marketing Officer Kerbedanz

The Kerbedanz watch brand was founded in 2010. It takes between one to six months for them to complete a custom timepiece. For reference, the average price of a Kerbedanz watch is between 150,000 CHF and 250,000 CHF (aka $149,566.26 USD to $249277.11 USD)

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