Video: Unknown DOXA Watches at Baselworld (Lost Footage)

More than just diving watches!

Lost Footage: DOXA at Baselworld – Throwback Thursday!

More Doxa watches you’ve never seen before…

This is old footage from Baselworld that we thought was damaged. Well, it’s been recovered! We’ll start slowly releasing these old videos for you guys to enjoy. Keep in mind that it was all filmed on our old camera that was soooo good back then, but you know how technology changes!

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  • Spinnaker Spence "Batman" Diver

    Spinnaker Spence “Batman” Diver

    $ 269.00
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  • -10%
    Sinn U50

    Sinn U50

    $ 2,125.00
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  • Marloe Sceptre October

    Marloe Sceptre October

    $ 425.00
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  • -7%
    Aragon Caprice Chrono

    Aragon Caprice Chrono

    $ 695.00
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