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Omega Planet Ocean Watches

In 2005, Omega added the Planet Ocean to the Seamaster line of dive watches. The new offering boasted double the water resistance of the original Seamaster Pro and a more robust design overall.

Omega offers 5 variations of the Planet Ocean model. For the purposes of this post, KeepTheTime is going to cover the top 3 most popular versions. The ladies 37.5mm and the chronograph have been left out, perhaps for another post.

In the photo above, we lined the models up according to size: biggest to smallest from left to right.

Planet Ocean XL:

  • 45.5mm diameter
  • Thickness of 17mm
  • Weighing in at 230g/8.1oz
  • Lug width of 22mm
  • Bracelet reference: 1590/867
  • The dial is about 32mm
  • Powered by an in-house Co-Axial caliber 8500

The Planet Ocean XL is the most popular PO model. The watch shown here is reference and has a black ceramic bezel with silver markers. This watch is also available with an orange bezel with orange markers (, or a black bezel with orange markers ( You will notice that the only difference in the reference number between these configurations is the last digit.

Planet Ocean GMT:

  • 43.5mm diameter
  • Thickness of almost 18mm
  • Weighing in at 215g/7.6oz
  • Lug width of 21mm
  • Bracelet reference: 1679/603
  • The dial is about 31mm
  • Powered by an in-house Co-Axial caliber 8605

This model has a bright orange GMT hand that is made out of aluminum. The blue ceramic bezel is bi-directional and features a GMT 24 hours scale in orange. The reference number is

42mm Planet Ocean:

  • 42mm diameter
  • Thickness of almost 16mm
  • Weighing in at 196g/6.9oz
  • Lug width of 20mm
  • Bracelet reference: 1589/858
  • The dial is about 30mm
  • Powered by an in-house Co-Axial caliber 8500

As with the XL above, the smaller 42mm version is also available in 3 configurations: black bezel with silver markers (, an orange bezel with orange markers (, or as shown here with a black bezel with orange markers (

Thickness Compared:

The thickness ranges from 16mm to 18mm. The difference is not very noticeable in either direction.

Omega Planet Ocean Side

Casebacks and Clasps:

All three PO models have exhibition style casebacks that give a clear view into the in-house movement. The clasps are all double push-button style.

Omega Planet Ocean Backs


The lume is similar across the entire Planet Ocean line. Bright, robust, and long lasting.

Omega Planet Ocean Lumeshots

Omega Planet Ocean Lume

Which is your top choice? Hopefully this guide will help you decide which Omega Planet Ocean watch to go for. Please consider our watch store for your next purchase.

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