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The NATO Strap

The NATO Strap Explained

The NATO Strap

A great alternative to a leather watch strap or bracelet is a NATO strap made from woven nylon. Sometimes referred to as G-10 straps, they are often considered to be one of the most comfortable straps you can wear. You are likely to find single-piece NATO straps on dive watches because they fast drying don’t stretch out when wet.\

NATO Strap Saves the Day

If you see the diagram above, you’ll notice a loop near the buckle – that’s because these straps are designed to help save your watch from a broken spring bar. The strap loops under the case through both spring bars to hopefully prevent losing your watch if it were to get stuck on something. This is especially crucial when it comes to diving since your dive watch will tell you how much time you have left in your oxygen tank. Also, if you’re diving with a Rolex watch… you wouldn’t want to lose a $10,000+ watch under the sea!


ZULU style straps are similar to NATO straps but without the extra loop and rings. ZULU straps have 3 metal rings instead of 5.

Cheap Straps

Aside from the comfort and functionality, the best part about nato style straps: they are ultra affordable! You can pretty much find most colors, sizes and designs for around 20 bucks or less.

Nato straps are often seen on Fortis, Kobold, Rolex Submariners and many other watches.