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Sinn Ar-Dehumidifying Technology

Sinn Ar-Dehumidifying Technology

Sinn Ar-Dehumidifying Technology

Your Sinn watch may be equipped with exclusive technology that isn’t available in any other watch. One of those technologies is Ar-Dehumidifying Technology. Sinn defines this feature as functional reliability and freedom from fogging.

If your watch has this feature, the dial will have a circle logo with “Ar” in the middle.

The titanium drying capsule is the heart of the Ar-Dehumidifying technology. It’s filled with copper sulfate which captures moisture from the air within the case. Depending on the moisture levels, the capsule will turn from pale to a darker shade of blue.

Sinn Ar-Dehumidifying Technology Capsule Blue Colors

Locate the blue-ish drying capsule on the dial, side of the case, or in the lug. It is protected by a tiny sapphire crystal.

Other elements working hand-in-hand with the drying capsule are Extreme Diffusion-Reducing (EDR) seals and what they call Superior Protective Gas Filling. The seals block up to 75% of the atmospheric moisture that typical rubber seals will allow. The gas helps to eliminate any remaining humidity from initial watch assembly and water exposure.

EDR seal materials also offer further benefits. They are exceptionally weather and ageing-resistant and, in contrast to nitrile rubber, are not prone to ozone cracking. EDR seals are also resistant to numerous chemicals such as chlorinated, aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Sure, there are watches like the Rolex Deepsea that can handle depths of 12,800 ft, but this technology doesn’t just help the watch resist water, it helps eliminate any remnants of it from remaining trapped within the case. Your movement won’t be faced with condensation and you’ll be able to see the status of the moisture absorbing mechanism.

If you’re serious about water resistance, then consider a Sinn equipped with Ar-dehumidifying Technology.

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