Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk 5r86 1

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk and Other New Releases

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk 5r86

If you’re a Seiko collector taking a trip to Switzerland for the Baselworld watch show, first you have to navigate past the enormous booths of watch brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Breitling, and Omega. Tucked away in the back left corner of Hall 1 is the Seiko booth. Their setup is always something to look forward to, and well worth the walk. Not only will the displays take your imagination on a journey, but you are guaranteed to learn something while you’re there.

The Spring Drive SpacewalkThe world’s first watch designed specifically for a spacewalk, 2010: In 1977 a young Seiko engineer, Yoshikazu Akahane, started to wonder how he could make a watch wound by a mainspring with one-second-a-day accuracy. He was a persistent and dedicated man, and it took him over 20 years, during which he endured countless set-backs and created over 600 prototypes. Finally he and his team succeeded. It required new technologies in every aspect of the watchmaker’s art, and the created them one by one. In 1999, the first Spring Drive with hand-winding was born. The Spring Drive revolution was underway and, in 2005, the automatic version was presented to the world.

It’s not surprising that the watch that got most of the attention in the Seiko booth was the Spring Drive Spacewalk Commemorative Edition that Richard Garriott wore on his trip to the International Space Station in 2008 This watch was also recognized as the Sports Watch of the Year at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. It retails for $28,000 but there were only 100 made, so you might expect to pay more if you are lucky enough to find one for sale.

The other pictures shown below include:

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk 5r86 1

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk 5r86 2

Seiko 8r39 Ananta 130th Limited Edition Srq013 1

Seiko 8r39 Ananta 130th Limited Edition Srq013

Seiko Ananta 5r67 Spring Drive Moon Phase

Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive Srx003p1 Moon Phase Premier

Seiko Spring Drive Ananta Sps007j1 1

Seiko Spring Drive Ananta Sps007j1

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11 years ago

Really nice to hear about Seiko.Beautyfully described

11 years ago

That is the best shot of the Spacewalk I’ve seen to date. Thanks

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