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Zinex Pilot Watch ME-109S

No Radiation Dial Watches

No Radiation Watch Dial

What’s with that no radiation symbol on some watches?

The no radiation symbol on watch dials indicates that the lume on the watch is not radioactive. The lume material contains no radium, no tritium. For example, Super-LumiNova lume.

The radiation hazard symbol itself is a universal design designated for labeling radioactive material. Radiation is engery that is omitted from atoms that are unstable and decaying. Radioactive materials (as well as radiation producing devices) have to be marked with this symbol.

No Radiation Pilot Watch

Some people absolutely love the “No Rad” dials and others would never consider buying a watch with it.

Other watches that feature this symbol are a variety of Blancpain watches most notably the Fifty Fathoms Bundeswehr or the Precista PRS-50.

BLANCPAIN 50 Fathoms Bundeswehr

Precista PRS-50 No Radiation

If you know of any other watches featuring a No Rad dial, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

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