Mbf Lm1 Silverstein Front And Back

MB&F LM1 Silberstein: Getting Creative With Tradition

Mbf Lm1 Silberstein Legacy Machine Watch

MB&F announced the release of a very special project with design superstar Alain Silberstein. The LM1 Silberstein is the Legacy Machine No. 1 reimagined.

Mbandf Lm1 Silberstein Gold Frost Watch

It’s playful, yet sophisticated, paying respects to traditional watchmaking. The concave, satellite dish-style subdials display the time in other time zones. A hypnotizing flying balance wheel is suspended above the dial thanks to a nearly invisible bridge formed out of sapphire crystal. The development of this bridge technology consumed almost 2 years of design time.

Mbf Lm1 Silverstein Front And Back

This year at Baselworld, it seems as if many brands were experimenting with sapphire as a case material. It’s notable to mention that Alain Silberstein was the first watch designer to create a sapphire case a few years ago.

Mbf Lm1 Silberstein Macro Dial Shot

You’ll wonder what that lever-like mechanism is at 6:00. It is the power reserve indicator! It also happens to be constructed from Silberstein’s signature trademark sculpture and colors. Learn more about the MB&F caliber LM1 Silberstein movement here.

Mbf Lgacy Machine Dial

There are three configurations, limited to 12 pieces each: Grade 5 titanium, black PVD titanium, and 18K red gold. Learn more here.


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