Hublot Haute Joaillerie One Million Dollar Watch

Million Dollar Watch with 1,185 Baguette Diamonds Everywhere

The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie (reference: 505.WX.9000.LR) was released in 2013. We captured this footage of it at Baselworld and recently found it in an old memory card that was presumed to be lost.

Diamonds Everywhere

The rhodium plated 18K gold head is 45mm in diameter and contains 322 baguette diamonds weighing 17.39 carats. To break it down for you – the case itself has 122 diamonds (7.24 carats), the bezel is packed with 120 diamonds (5.77), the endlinks contain 66 diamonds (3.77), and even the crown features at least 24 diamonds (.061). The skeleton dial has 62 baguettes (2.31). The diamonds are from Yakutsk, Eastern Siberia.

If you were to go for the optional bracelet (ref: 505.WX.9000.WX.9904), it would bring the total to 1,185 baguettes as there are 791 on the bracelet alone.

Time is Money

All of this bling takes time. For each of the 8 pieces produced, it took 15 expert stone setters 4,100 hours of cutting, 500 hours of quality control, 300 hours of stone-setting, and an overall 15 months of work.

The tourbillon engine powering this million dollar timepiece is an in-house Hublot caliber MHUB6010.H1.1. This is one of the most expensive watches in the world at a retail price of $1,000,000 USD.

As for the found memory card, there are more videos to come thanks to it!


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