Casey Neistat Watch Wristshot

Casey Neistat Broke His Rolex While Vlogging

Fellow YouTuber Casey Neistat (4.2 million subs/1 BILLION views) sports a classic size Datejust with a white dial on a black Everest rubber strap. Model 116200, 36mm, stick dial with a roulette date wheel, all steel with a smooth bezel. Powered by an automatic caliber 3135.

The wristshot pics here are from when he recently took a spill off his Boosted Board and his watch stopped working. Ironically, this comes only a few weeks after we left a comment on one of his videos jokingly saying “You can’t break a Rolex, Casey!”

We were wrong. It totally stopped ticking.

Casey Neistat Rolex Watch

The Story Behind Casey’s Rolex

Casey used to wear a watch that he considered unbreakable (a white Casio G-Shock), which is why he wore it. “I don’t have nice things, because I break everything.”

Caseyneistat Casio Casey Neistat Casio Watch

But then his wife’s parents got him a Rolex watch as a wedding present.

For his birthday a year later, his wife (Candice) got him a rubber “G-Shock-esque band” for his Datejust. “So, it doesn’t bounce, it doesn’t jingle. Like I really can’t break a rubber band. And all the sudden what was once way too precious for me becomes a fairly practical wristwatch.”

Casey Neistat Strap

Casey wanted it in white. Something that would “be all dirty and f*cked up looking and gross”.  So in February 2016, Mike from Everest Horology Products sent him a custom made white strap for free.

Caseyneistat Custom White Everest Strap

He installed it on camera, but in later videos he went back to the black… probably because the white one was on a tang buckle.

Casey Neistat Everest Band Caseyneistat Rolex Strap Changing

“I just want to say it will be nothing shy of a miracle if I can install this without breaking my watch.”

Casey Neistat White Rolex Rubber Strap

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