Casey Gold Rolex Sub 13

Casey Neistat Upgrades to Gold Rolex After Moving to LA

Casey Neistat was spotted rocking what appears to be a solid 18K gold Rolex Submariner in his latest video above.

Sunny LA

After a huge move from NYC to LA, the master vlogger went on a short hiatus from posting videos. Today, he posted an LA vlog reviwing the new DJI Mavic Mini drone, but some of us WIS were focused more on his wrist.

The LA look: A backwards Ford trucker hat, black tee, black joggers, black Adidas… and a gold Rolex sport model watch.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Casey wearing a Rolex, but it’s the first time we’ve seen this particular timepiece in his vlogs.

Note: He did sport this piece a few times on Instagram (as far back as May 22, 2019), Twitter, and on Philip DeFranco’s podcast in September.

Maybe he caught the watch bug from the Datejust @seanseaevans wears…

Which Rolex model is it?

The vid is in 1080p and not 4K, so there weren’t any super clear shots of the gold Rolex, but after a few rounds of pause and play, the watch appears to be a black dial reference 16618.

Someone in the comments thought it was a gold GMT-Master II, but even if you can’t spot the GMT hand, other giveaways the time lapse marking on the bezel and the larger Triplock crown. Someone else said Daytona but quickly realized it was a Sub.

Commenters also said they thought it looked like a blue dial (also ref. 16618), which could be true depending on the colors your screen puts out. Sometime the dial looks blue, sometimes it looks black. However, at no point does the bezel look blue.

Closer Look

The watch has a no-holes case which started as far back as mid-2002.

Casey Gold Rolex Sub 14

It has the old style clasp.

Casey Gold Rolex Sub 10Casey Gold Rolex Submariner Clasp

It has an aluminum bezel insert, not ceramic.

Casey Gold Rolex Sub 13

The black aluminum bezel insert bezel looks like it has silver markers, while it should have gold tone markers. This could be caused by reflection or maybe it’s just a heavily oxidized bezel (common), but it really looks silver!

Hopefully Casey didn’t get a steel Sub and spray paint it gold like his Apple watch 😛

Casey Gold Rolex Submariner Bezel

Casey Gold Rolex Submariner


A few watch geeks in the comments also recognized that Casey was wearing a Rolex, but most of them were more concerned with how the watch and concrete table were getting too close for comfort.

“That Rolex grinding on the concrete table is killing me!” –Joe Kunsch

“Smashing that Rolex up on the concrete like that” 🤦🏽‍♂️ –Chris Lawrence

“Rolex meets concrete table top” 😭 –NP 46

Over the years, Casey has made two things known to his fans: he’s hard on his possessions, and he makes his possessions his own with sharpies and sharp objects. Case in point: At the 0:20 seconds mark, you’ll see Casey’s version of desk diving.

Casey Gold Rolex Submariner On Concrete Table

Casey Gold Rolex Submariner Concrete

What is it worth?

Many of the commenters over valued the watch at $30K. That would be true if it were the newer 116118 with the solid bracelet and ceramic bezel. Casey’s Sub is likely the older (and lighter) 16618 which with worth closer to $18-22K USD.

PS – this was a quick post, so if there’s anything we’re missing, kindly comment below!

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Jon Dohnson
Jon Dohnson
3 years ago

Nice to see my man moving up from smart watches.

3 years ago

My grail watch

Mike Parker
Mike Parker
3 years ago
Reply to  Watchcrazed

Mine too. Who is this man and why does he have my Grail?

Harper Williams
Harper Williams
2 years ago

This is a Rolex Submariner 16618, Right? Really Excellent preowned for mens. I also have Rolex watch collection.

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