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Baselworld Watch USB Press-Kit Drives

Baselworld USB Flash Drives: Best of Basel

Baselworld MB&F Watches Malchoir USB Robot Thumb DriveUSB Thumb Flash Drives - Watch Press Kits

Baselworld is an information overload with a lot to process within a week’s time. One way watch brands make sure journalists fly home with all the details is by giving out press-kits that contain the stories, specs and images of new models. Over the years, we’ve seen a transformation from folders full of papers to USB thumb drives packed with digital media.

A few of the brands have quickly realized that designing a good thumb drive is as effective for marketing as the content within. If you don’t have a sweet USB design, it’s just going to get thrown in a drawer or overwritten with other files. Some of the creations are impressive and a bit of an unspoken competition has developed between some of the watch companies.

As a result, Roberta Naas has her own Storage Wars episodes on A Timely Perspective. This year she chose the MB&F Malchoir as the winner. KeepTheTime agrees! Half a year later, the Melchoir robot clock thumb drive still strikes us as the best, towering over the others. Congratulations to Maximilian Büsser and Friends for the thoughtful design that had us all remembering to feature their clock on our blogs. Winning!

Our friends at Quill & Pad also issued an award for the Best USB Key award. Ian Skellern’s winner was Bremont for their airplane drive. Melchoir didn’t go home empty handed, at least he won the Most Non-Clock-Like-Clock.

We can’t wait to see what the USBs will look like at Baselworld 2016.

Baselworld USB Thumb Flash Drives

Basel USB Thumb Flash Drives - Watch Press Kits