Melchior Robot Table Clock by MB&F L'Epee 1839 at Baselworld

Melchior Robot Table Clock by MB&F L'Epee 1839 at Baselworld

MB&F Melchoir Movement

KeepTheTime would like to introduce you to a new friend we made at Baselworld. His name is Melchior and he’s a table clock. MB&F teamed up with L’Epée 1839 to create him.

Melchior is powered by a L’Epée in-house movement beating at 18,800 bph. Unlike traditional wristwatches, the Melchior has five barrels allowing for a whopping 40 days power reserve, indicated by a dial on the abdomen. Imagine not having to wind your manual-wind timepiece for over a month!

The palladium-plated brass guts of the robot consist of 334 parts. Among those parts are 50 jewels to keep things running smoothly. The rest of the body armor is constructed from 146 pieces.

Don’t worry about slamming your desk in a fit of rage because your PC crashed, this machine is protected against shock with an Incabloc system. You can also move the arms around to point the rocket launcher or Gatling gun at your crappy PC.

So how do you wind this Roboclock? Simply detach the Gatling gun from the arm and insert it in the robot’s back. This secret James Bond style key is also used to set the time. While doing so, you’ll notice the engraving that says: “A Creative Adult is a Child who Survived.”

Maximilian Büsser developed the concept with designer Xin Wang, selecting a high-end L’Epée clock movement and reimagining it as the mechanical head and torso of a robot. -MB&F

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  • The user manual can be found here

Price: $36,000 US

Melchior Specs
Reference: 50.6802/101 (Light Edition), 50.6802/201 (Dark and Light Edition)

Features: Retrograde seconds, slow jumping hours, sweeping minutes, power reserve indicator

Dimensions: 30.3cm x 21.7cm (depending on the position of the arms) x 11.2cm

Weight: 6.3kg

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