Azimuth Mecha 1 Gm 1pvd Watch Black Yellow 10

Watch Identifier: Azimuth Mecha-1 PVD Watch

Azimuth Mecha 1 Gm 1pvd Watch Black Yellow 10

Check out this crazy looking timepiece! Azimuth Watch Mecha-1 BMF (ref: GM-1PVD) with a rare black PVD and yellow accents colorway.

You’re probably wondering how do you tell the time on the Mecha-1… Well, reading the time on this bad boy isn’t as intimidating as it appears. The left side of the dial (the case is the dial!) features a retrograde minute display. Moving over to the left from top to bottom you will find hours, seconds, 24 hour time.

Most of the Mecha models you might have seen in the wild don’t offer the seconds indicator (this one for example). In fact, it is said that they only made 10 watches with the running seconds indicator and this is one of them! The seconds hand is actually the yellow central spinning disc with a red Azimuth logo.

Inside is a modified ETA caliber 2824-2.

The PVD model is limited to 99 in the world, with less than a dozen configured as pictured (with the seconds disc).

People will ask you what time it is just to get a conversation going about your watch!

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