Casio G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Baselworld DW-69030BS HD Video

Casio G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Baselworld DW-69030BS (HD Video Review)

Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary Basel World Limited Edition

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TOKYO, April 24, 2013 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of a new limited-edition G-SHOCK watch. The DW-6930BS-8DR has been executed in a lustrous metallic silver finish, as a symbol of the progress toward the future represented by G-SHOCK in the motif of a statue newly on display in the Casio booth at Baselworld 2013. With 5,000 units to be released worldwide, this special model is one in a series designed to mark the 30th anniversary of the G-SHOCK shock-resistant watch this month.

The G-SHOCK brand got its start when a single Casio engineer decided to try to develop a watch that was virtually unbreakable. The original model with shock-resistant construction was released in 1983.

Overturning the idea of wristwatches being fragile and easy to break, the G-SHOCK created a whole new market for tough watches. Since that time, the brand has continued to evolve in pursuit of even greater toughness, with new features, performance enhancements, and evolving designs, all based on the brand concept of “Absolute Toughness.”

The design of the new DW-6930BS-8DR is based on the popular DW-6900, characterized by a rounded shape that arose from the pursuit of even greater toughness. As a symbol of the G-SHOCK affinity with the future, this 30th anniversary model has been given a metallic silver finish that makes the entire watch gleam.

In addition to front and side buttons with a mirror finish, the dial has been given a brushed-metal look that reflects light differently depending on the angle. The white-on-black LCD further accentuates the brilliance of the futuristic metallic silver look.

The watch’s back plate is engraved with the G-SHOCK 30th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, Brooklyn base graphic Artist, while the strap keeper is emblazoned with “Since 1983,” and three stars to represent 30 years. These details demonstrate its importance as a commemorative model. It also comes with a keepsake 30th anniversary medallion made of aluminum, the same material used to make a DW-6900 statue now on display in the Casio booth at Baselworld 2013. Finally, the custom packaging features the same color scheme of silver and black used for the DW-6930BS-8DR itself. These features combine to form a very special set.

*** SPECS ***
Model: DW-69030BS
Movement: Quartz
Case: Silver plastic
Dial: Silver with LCD
Features: Alarm, light, chronograph
Bezel: Fixed
Band: Rubber G-Shock strap with steel buckle and holder
Lug Width: 21mm
Crown: None
Retail Price: N/A

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