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KTT Payment Policy:

Due to the nature and high value of the luxury products we sell, KeepTheTime reserves the right to limit payment method options for certain watches. For that reason, we may also require additional information, such as identification or proof of address, etc. to process the order. If the customer does not want to provide the requested information, or if the transaction is deemed fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the order and the customer’s account. We would rather reject an order than take a risk in selling to a potential scammer.

For your security and privacy, KeepTheTime does not accept payments over the phone. Although some watches maybe limited to the type of payment method you can use, we have many options to get your order paid for so we can ship quickly.

Credit Cards:

We accept credit cards for certain items up to $10,000. We use PayPal to process our credit card payments, so we never actually see your payment details. You can use all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

For security reasons, the shipping address must match your actual billing address, otherwise we may need to cancel the order or the payment may be blocked by your credit card company. If the incorrect address is used, we will need to refund your payment and ask you to place the order again using the correct address. If it’s your first time shopping with us, please note the new client transaction limitations below.


You can use your credit card via PayPal, or you can pay straight from your PayPal account. Please note that we can only ship to the confirmed address on your PayPal account. If the shipping address is different than your PayPal address, you will want to add the new address to your PayPal account before placing the order to avoid any delays or order cancellations. If it’s your first time shopping with us, please note the new client transaction limitations below.

Again, do not hit the submit button until you are sure that the address on your PayPal account is the address you want to ship to. If the incorrect address is used to submit the payment, we will need to refund the order (which takes several days for the funds to show up in your account) and ask you to order again. Any incurred PayPal fees are 100% non-refundable.

Bank Transfer:

When you pay with bank transfer, we don’t have to pay credit card processing fees. For that reason, qualifying bank transfer orders get an automatic discount during the checkout process. Also known as wire transfers, bank transfer orders get priority and an automatic upgrade to overnight delivery. With bank transfer orders, you have more flexibility with where you want to ship, as well as the ability to waive the signature confirmation at your own risk. Depending on the timepiece, bank transfer may be the only accepted payment method. All watches priced over $4,000 (not including discounts or sale pricing) must pay via bank transfer. International orders over $2,000 must pay with bank transfer.

If you placed an order with bank transfer as the payment method, our corporate bank account information will be emailed to you shortly. Please check your spam folder! If you still haven’t received it, please let us know.

NOTE: We give discounts for Bank Transfer / Check / Money Order because we save on PayPal/Credit Card fees. If the Bank Transfer Discount box was chosen when adding your item to the cart, please pay with Bank Transfer / Check / Money Order or the order will be cancelled. Please keep in mind that some banks charge a fee to send a bank transfer payment. For that reason, this option is generally the most advantageous for orders over $500 USD.

Check/Money Order:

Yes, we are one of the last remaining companies that are willing to accept paper payments. We’ll accept personal checks for certain items, and cashier’s checks or money orders for most others. As with bank transfer, this payment method also qualifies for a discount – if your item qualifies, the discount will be calculated on the checkout page. We will ship your order within 1-3 days of the check clearing and being 100% available in our account. Depending on the value of the order, we may request additional information to process the payment.


Don’t want to spend money on a new watch? Trade your old timepiece for something you’ll actually wear. We can do partial trades or full trades, depending on what it is. Just keep in mind that KeepTheTime is a business, and although we love watches, there’s no such thing as an even trade. We spend time and money to inspect, clean, photograph and market each piece.

Payment Plans:

On many watches, we’re willing to accept layaway or payments. We usually ask for up to 3 checks. The first being a 50% down-payment and the other two post-dated with the balance split into two payments. We will cash the checks as dated and confirm with you before depositing them. Once the third check clears, we will ship your watch. We do ask that all payment plans are closed out before the year ends for accounting purposes. There is no interest charged, but please note that if you were to change your mind, the payments are non-refundable and turn into store credit.

New Client Transaction Limitations:

In order to prevent potential fraud, we are obligated to apply strict limitations on accounts with no previous order history with us. New clients may make payments via bank transfer without any limitations. For all other payment methods, we may request 2 forms of ID, as well as recent copy of a credit card or bank statement for the account from which you are drawing the payment from.

What our customers say about our payment options:

“Hi all, Just bought a really beautiful all-gold Datejust from the guys at KeepTheTime ( REALLY appreciated the no-pressure, no-BS sale. Super easy transaction, went above and beyond my expectations to make the sale. Paid with wire transfer, watch shipped with Saturday shipping – no problems.” –Manjil

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