All About Rolex Serial Numbers

One way to find out the approximate age of your Rolex watch is via the serial number. It’s also a great way to determine an estimated value of your pre-owned watch. The series or serial letter of a Rolex model can correspond to a certain year or period in which your watch was manufactured. Almost every watch site feels the need to post a Rolex serial number list. We’re not sure why, but we’re certain that most of the sites copy and paste the information they find online. We put together this guide to give a better understanding Rolex serial numbers, accompanied by a quick access chart to figuring out the year of your watch. If there’s anything we missed, please add it to the comments below.

In this Rolex serial number guide, we will talk about:

  • How to find the serial number
  • Crowd-sourced data
  • When was my watch sold?
  • Are random/scattered serial numbers bad?
  • Serial number chart

How to Find the Serial Number?

Rolex Serial Number Diagram

Older Rolex watches have the serial number engraved between the 6:00 lugs. In the past, you would have to remove the bracelet to get the serial number from the watch. On some watches, the endlinks can put scratch marks into the case, cutting into the engraving. The model number can be found between the 12:00 lugs.

Modern day Rolexes do not require the bracelet to be removed. You can find the serial number at the 6:00 position along the inner bezel under the crystal. This style is often referred to as the “inner engraving” or “rehaut engraving”. Watches with this serial number location have the Rolex Rolex Rolex engravings as well.

Rolex Serial Number Engraved Rehaut

Rolex may have made this change to make it more difficult for gray market sellers to hide the serial numbers of the watches they’re selling. If the execs at Rolex can see the serial number, they are able to track it back to the original AD and it can help them catch dealers that are selling Rolex watches to other sellers at less than their minimum advertised price.

Are Random/Scattered Serial numbers Bad?

Starting about mid-way through 2010, Rolex started to “scramble” the serial numbers. These are also known as “random serials” or “scattered serials” and are not as bad as they sound. It just means it’s a watch from after 2010 that Rolex began implementing this new serial number system with. Although Rolex claims they made this change to reduce the ability to create counterfeits, many collectors suspect that Rolex did this as a way to maintain balance of the market value and give less power to secondhand Rolex dealers to create value scales based on age of the watch. Also, it helps dealers to be able to hold inventory longer without savvy customers using the aforementioned new-watch-buying tips.

Crowd-Sourced Data

It’s important and interesting to note that any of the serial number information you may stumble upon online is not official data provided by Rolex. All of the serial number information the watch community has is crowd-sourced by enthusiasts and dealers. Also, keep in mind that not every model follows the same serial number cutoff, or model changes. It really comes down to what Rolex decides to do with the model and when they cutoff the production.

Tools on the Rolex Forum said it best:

You can’t take any serial number list as absolutely factual… Rolex simply does not provide that information and all lists are compiled by word of mouth….and they are all actually based on when a particular serial number was sold…. consider it an estimate of the date manufactured, until you find evidence otherwise..

When Was My Watch Sold?

Using the Rolex serial number chart is not necessarily a good way to figure out when the Rolex watch was originally sold by the AD. For that specific information, you will need the original signed/dated warranty card or sales receipt. Although Rolex and dealers do not want watches to sit in the display case for long, it’s not unusual, especially for less popular or solid gold models, to sit in a jewelry store case for years after the manufacture date. You should also know that just because a case has a serial number dated from 2008, doesn’t mean the watch was fully assembled in 2008. As far as we know, Rolex will continue to use each case series until they are used up. If you are about to purchase a Rolex watch at an authorized dealer, it’s a good idea to check the chart below to get an idea of how long the watch might have been in the dealer’s inventory. This could potentially be used as a negotiation point for getting a lower price on the watch. The dealer will desperately want to move older pieces from their case.

Serial Number Chart

Now that you learned how to find your Rolex serial number, use can use the chart below to approximate the age of your watch. This Rolex serial number database is made available for information purposes only. It may not provide 100% accurate info for dating your Rolex Watch. Use this serial number list for estimations only. Please report known errors in the comments below.



2010 1/2 – Present Scrambled/Scattered/Random
12/2008 – 2010 (2008 3/4) V 000,001
1/2008 – 11/2008 (2007 1/2) M 000,001
7/2006 – 12/2007 (2006 1/2) Z 000,001
1/2005 – 7/2006 (2005 1/2) D 000,001
1/2004 (2003 3/4) F 000,001
9/2002 (2002 3/4) Y 000,001
8/2001 (2001 1/2) K 000,001
4/2000 (2000 1/2) P 000,001
1998-1999 A 000,001
1997-1998 U 000,001
1996-1998 T 000,001
1995-1998 W 000,001
1993 3/4 S 000,001
1992 1/4 C 000,001
1991 3/4 N 000,001
1991 1/2 X 000,001
1991 1/4 E 999,999
1990 1/2 E 000,001
1990 L 999,999
1989 L 000,001
1988 R 999,999
1987 1/2 R 000,000
1987 1/2 9,999,999
1987 9,760,000
1986 9,300,000
1985 8,814,000
1984 8,388,000
1983 7,860,000
1982 7,366,000
1981 6,910,000
1980 6,430,000
1979 5,959,000
1978 5,481,000
1977 5,005,000
1976 4,535,000
1975 4,265,000
1974 4,000,000
1973 3,741,000
1972 3,478,000
1971 3,215,000
1970 2,952,000
1969 2,689,000
1968 2,426,000
1967 2,164,000
1966 1,870,000
1965 1,791,000
1964 1,713,000
1963 1,635,000
1962 1,557,000
1961 1,485,000
1960 1,401,000
1959 1,323,000
1958 1,245,000
1957 1,167,000
1956 1,095,000
1955 1,010,000
1954 935,000
1953 869,000
1952 804,000
1951 738,700
1950 673,600
1949 608,500
1948 543,400
1947 478,300
1946 413,200
1945 348,000
1944 283,000
1943 253,000
1942 224,000
1941 194,000
1940 164,600
1939 135,000
1938 117,000
1937 99,000
1936 81,000
1935 63,000
1934 45,000
1933 49,000
1932 42,680
1931 40,250
1930 37,820
1929 35,390
1928 32,960
1927 30,430
1926 28,000
1925 25,000

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