Mbf Lm2 Rg Blue Dial

12 members of the horological elite can now join MB&F in the #bluewatchmonday take-over. The Legacy Machine No. 2 is now available in red gold with a strikingly rich blue dial.

The ultra limited edition still features the LM2 dual “flying” balance wheel DNA that mesmerizes us, but now with a deep blue backdrop that was created using a chemical vapor deposition process. The brand also announced that this is the last time the LM2 will be constructed out of 18K red gold. 

There are only 12 in the world, each carrying a retail price tag of $156,000 USD.

Learn more at mbandf.com

Mbf Lm2 Rg Blue Dial Wristshot
Mbf Lm2 Rg Blue Dial Side
Mbf Lm2 Rg Blue Dial Caliber Movement