Gucci Wonderland 2022 Watches

Gucci Wonderland High Watchmaking Collection

Not the fashion watches of the '90s

Back in the days of Baselworld, there would be brands that would strategically find themselves in Basel at the same time as the show, but wouldn’t have an official booth in the show. If you had a meeting with one of these clever brands, you’d get the location info from your rep, usually in a hotel.

All you Watches and Wonders watch noobs have it so easy now!

Before free internet and ubiquitous apps like Instagram were commonplace for communication, you might not get the info in time and would miss the meeting. If you managed to check your email or get a call to your temporary Swiss prepaid phone with the deets, then you’d leave the main show and walk a few blocks to what felt like a back alley deal.

Nobody spoke of the awkwardness, of course, but that was one way to describe the experience. Another word is smart. The brands who operated like this knew that all the big players in the industry were in the same town at the same time, and as long as they had new timepieces to show, booze to serve, and watch swag to give away, some would happily join them in their hotel rooms. Not getting a booth saved them between five and seven figures (depending on the booth location), which theoretically ought to save the buyers of their watches.

It’s not always all about the Benjamins though, not being in the main show meant that they weren’t listed in the brand book and likely got overlooked by potential dealers looking for new brands, as well as writers and photographers looking for a scoop.

Advantages and disadvantages aside, more and more brands are starting to align their marketing with the schedules of big trade shows. For example, this year at Watches and Wonders 2022, Gucci took a page from that playbook and launched their Gucci Wonderland high watchmaking campaign. Instead of a hotel, they used YouTube and other social media – either way, they got our attention.

“Following Gucci’s high watchmaking debut last year, the House presents its second collection of refined, Swiss-made timepieces that combine technological flair, elevated materials, and unique decorative artistry. Presented at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva, the mood of this kaleidoscopic collection is inspired by a magical fairground, where the most refined watchmaking complications appear alongside rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders. In a special video created to celebrate the collection and 50 years of Gucci Swiss Timepieces, three new watch movements designed by the House and additions to existing lines are revealed.” –source

Even if Gucci isn’t your cup of tea, the video is a work of art and worth a watch.

Watches is a weird category of goods. It’s a tool, yet it’s a fashion accessory. It serves a purpose, yet you can go without one. When it comes to hype building launches or brands that make enthusiasts cringe, one thing we always try to remind the community is that anything drawing attention to this little hobby of ours is a good thing. Here’s a YouTube comment to prove the point:

“…and now I want a Gucci watch…and I don’t even wear watches” –nlbhaduri

But like other high fashion brands that happen to also sell watches, Gucci’s 2022 high watchmaking line-up is destined to cause a few snobs to think twice about overlooking the House of Gucci.

Gucci 2022 watches: Celebrating 50 Years of Gucci Swiss Timepieces

Gucci 25h Tourbillon Watch Wonderland 2022

Gucci 25H Skeleton – Tourbillon, skeletonized dial, 8mm thin case, also available in recycled gold. Gucci caliber GG727.25.TS.

Gucci Grip Sapphire Watch Wonderland 2022

Grip Sapphire – Sapphire case with a mechanical jump hour “digital” dial

Gucci G Timeless Moonlight Watch Wonderland 2022

G-Timeless MoonlightAutomatic, moonphase dial based on a 29.5 day lunar month. Only needs adjusting every 360 years, unless the power reserve runs out because you stopped wearing it or the watch is in for service. Gucci caliber GG.V838.MP.

Gucci G Timeless Planetarium Watch Wonderland 2022

G-Timeless Planetarium – Central flying tourbillon, 12 princess cut gems placed in a wheel which rotates around the dial at the push of a button integrated into the crown.

Gucci Timeless Dancing Bees Watch Wonderland 2022

G-Timeless Dancing Bees – Tourbillon, diamonds everywhere. The bees move with the flick of a wrist.

Which 2022 Gucci watch is your fav?

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