Glashutte Original Perpetual Calendar: Push It Good

Glashutte Perpetual Calendar Pushers No Pen Zone

Never use a ballpoint pen to adjust the day, date or moonphase on your Glashutte Original Senator Navigator! First check the box to see if you have the pusher tool. If you bought the watch pre-owned, or the dealer didn’t show you, then you might not know that a tool was included with your watch.

Where is the pusher tool?

We’re posting pics here to reveal the secret hiding place. Gotta love GO packaging!

Glashutte Original Perpetual Watch Pusher Tool

Can’t find it!

If, to your disappointment, the hunt revealed an empty hiding place, your watch still needs to be set. Carefully use a wooden toothpick in place of the tool. Don’t know how to set your watch? Here are the instructions for setting your Glashutte caliber GO 100 if you need them.

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