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Founder of CC here, welcome to the KeepTheTime watch shop for hardcore watch geeks. You already love Caliber Corner and you're going to love making KTT your source for new watch additions, reviews and videos. Caliber Corner was a spawn from the effort put into this site since 2008. KTT has always shown actual photos and researched each watch when listing them. CC was a way to take the research to the next level. It's awesome that you are here! I put everything into building these sites - every watch bought and sold, every photograph, every video, every review, every post, every package shipped - and have seen many changes in the industry over the years. There are countless places to buy watches today, but you're here now - it must be a sign :)


It's so hard not to get high on our own supply. Every watch you buy from the store helps us kick the habit.


It's so hard not to get high on our own supply. Every watch you buy from the store helps us kick the habit.

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Stella Felix Dress Blues


Bulgari BB 42 SS Automatic


Spinnaker Tuxedo Black Hull Diver Auto


Ladies Omega Constellation Diamond MOP Dial


TAG Heuer Monaco Automatic


Trintec Zulu 07 Pro Watch Review


Kobold Canvas Strap


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Pocket Watches

Did you know...

There isn't always much money in dealing old Made in USA pocket watches, that's why most jewelry stores won't touch them. The ones that do usually rip the movements out and scrap the cases for gold. It's a terrible thing! KeepTheTime rescues historical timepieces and works to find each one a new home where they will be cherished and passed down to future generations. Every serious watch collector should have one. Every American should have one.


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Ginault Ocean Rover Box Papers
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Vilhelm "Prism" Smoked Blue Titanium Sellita SW200-1 Automatic


Welcome to the shop for hardcore watch geeks. KTT is the only watch store in the world that covers luxury and microbrand watches, new and used, vintage and modern, inside and out. Our loyal clients check the site daily because you never know what we will post, and when's it's gone, it's usually gone for good!



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Pharos Sentinel Watch Sw200 1


Since 2008, the KeepTheTime team has seen a lot of watch brands come and go, a lot of watch shops bite the dust, and a lot of changes in the industry and eCommerce in general. It hasn't been easy, but we're proud to be here over a decade later, providing awesome timepieces and valued content about luxury and microbrand watches. We're not new to this, KeepTheTime is one of the first watch related channels on YouTube, we were covering Baselworld shows before the big VC backed blogs ever took the trip, we were introducing micro watch brands that nobody heard of before the "microbrand" niche was a thing, our store has bought, sold and traded thousands of timepieces all over the planet Earth. We have learned (and are still learning) so much on this incredible journey that we even created what has become one of the most respected watch resources in the world: Caliber Corner. KTT is the hardcore enthusiast's source for new watch alerts and rare watch swag - 100% authentic watches that have been selected by us, inspected by us, handled by us, researched by us, photographed by us, packed and shipped by us, and tracked by us.. until they reach your wrist where they will be loved by you.

Pocket Watch Kendal Dent London Makers To Admirality 540192 Macro

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