Shinola Watches: Made in USA, Swiss, or China?

Shinola Watches: Made in USA, Swiss, or China?  (youtube link)

In this episode of Movement Monday by #KeepTheTime, we took the screws off a #Shinola Runwell watch to get you a view inside. The case is made in China, the #USA movement is assembled in America with Swiss parts from the Ronda movement manufacturer. Please leave your comments below!

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The Shinola Argonite 1069 (aka Ronda 1069) is a quartz movement powered by a battery cell number 321. The battery is supposed to last about 25 months. It measures 15.3mm x 17.8mm and is 2.30mm thick. This movement was found in Shinola’s 41mm Runwell model. This version of the 1069 movement has 6 jewels, however there is also a 2 jewels version that is Nickel plated with Swiss parts.