Rolex Coronet Crystal Baselworld Paperweight Video

Rolex even makes their promotional souvenirs with perfection. Check out the details and precision on this coronet paperweight. You may have seen the green Triplock crystal paperweight for sale, but few have had the chance to get their hands on this rare piece of Rolex swag. That’s because these laser etched coronets were only given out to select VIPs at Baselworld in 2013.

This beauty is about 78mm in diameter and stands about 35mm tall. Weighing in at about 337g (11.9oz). It included a special Baselworld 2013 box but the inside was easy to tear due to the weight of the crystal.

If you guys like this video, we’ll post more luxury watch accessories and Baselworld Swag vids, including a collection of USB drives from watch manufacturers! Let us know in the comments below!!! (youtube)

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