"All the kids are going crazy for B.T.S. - in watches it means Buy The Seller!" -KTT 8:20

Watches and Pens Go Hand in Hand

Oris Meistertaucher Regulator TT1 Diver watch and Caran D'Ache pen

Everyone should have a great watch and a good pen. Even better, a great watch with a matching pen. We’ve posted about Rolex pens before, but if you’re a collector of other fine wristwatch brands, there are some excellent pens for you, too. Always try to snag them up when you can.

Displayed above is an Oris Meistertaucher Regulator TT1 Dive watch and Swiss Made Oris pen from Caran D’Ache. Both available at KeepTheTime.com.

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10 years ago

Looks awesome!

10 years ago

Hand looks shinning if ther is a attractive wrist watch. So i think Oris is the best one among all the rest.

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