"All the kids are going crazy for B.T.S. - in watches it means Buy The Seller!" -KTT 8:20
Pink Gmini 1

The Line In The Sand?

There is a point as a watch collector that sets you apart from the masses of people that just like watches. The Casio G-Shock is one such timepiece.

You either like chunky multi-functional plastic on your wrist or you don’t! Lower end watches are fine, all of us have them, and they have their place. But if you are going to collect G-Shocks, go for the rare models that are harder to come by.

The 30th Anniversary Baselworld Limited Edition G-Shock is a great place to start. It has a shimmer to it that almost looks like metal. This watch was given out exclusively to dealers who visited the Casio booth at the Basel watch show. It came in a special box set with a commemorative coin marking the celebration.

We’d love to hear your opinions about G-Shock in the comments below. Do you think G-Shock watches are ugly or cool?

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Alejandro Porquin
Alejandro Porquin
12 years ago

Whoever wrote this is not correctly looking at a Gshock, When have you seen a rolex tell you the tide and the moon phase nevber rite. All a stupid rolex does is tell time. On the contrary the G shock is Stop watch, world clock and a moon phase. Just because you cant get a Gshock dosent mean you must make a horribkle article like this……..

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