Werenbach Watch Wristshot Keepthetime Testimonial Square

Steve’s Werenbach Spaceborn Wristshot [Customer Feedback]

Werenbach Watch Wristshot Keepthetime Testimonial Square

Steve recently sent in this wristshot and testimonial for his new-to-him Werenbach Spaceborn rocket watch from KeepTheTime.. wow!

“Hello I recently purchased a Werenbach Space watch from Keep the Time. The customer service was outstanding and the watch is absolutely beautiful and in perfect condition. The complete interaction was flawless with Keep the Time. The Werenbach is such a beautiful and unique timepiece because it contains a dial face made from a Russian Soyuz Rocket. I am a complete space enthusiast that has worked within the space program in Florida and this was the perfect timepiece for me. I have included a wrist shot of my new watch and also included a second wrist shot picture with some of my Russian Space memorabilia which includes in the picture a diorama of a landed Soyuz capsule that was built by me. Also in the picture is a post card of the Russian Space Memorial and a metal space capsule with space walking astronaut. Thank you, Keep the Time.” – Steve

We couldn’t have landed this special piece on a more perfect wrist. It was meant to be and serving Steve was an absolute joy!

Werenbach Watch Wristshot Keepthetime Testimonial 2

Thank you so much for the awesome pics and glowing review, Steve! The Spaceborn is right at home with all of your cool space swag!

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