Vegan Croc Watch Strap Wristshot

Glen’s Vegan Leather “Croc” Strap

Vegan Croc Watch Strap Wristshot

Glen was kind enough to send in this incredible wristshot pic of a new vegan leather “croc” style watch strap from KeepTheTime. Here’s what Glen said about the strap buying experience at KTT:

“I’ve tried a lot of vegan straps with varying success. This one is beautiful, comfortable, and inspires confidence in it’s longevity. The package arrived early with a handwritten note. I’m definitely ordering more straps from you guys, thanks so much guys. 🥰

The wrist shot features a Merkur salmon handwinder, and the other vegan in the house, Neech.” -Glen

Thanks, Glen! It looks like a perfect match! Say hi to Neech!

Glen’s wristshot is proof that we can enjoy this hobby while looking good… all without harming animals or wearing another creature’s flesh on our wrist. Please consider cruelty-free watch accessories! If vegan leather watch strap aren’t your style, then look for rubber/silicone diver straps or nylon military straps.

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