Pablo Profundo Microbrand Wristshot

Wayne’s Pablo Profundo VB-1 [Customer Feedback]

Pablo Profundo Microbrand Wristshot
Shout-out to Wayne for sending us this awesome wristshot of his new-to-him Pablo Profundo VB-1 microbrand dive watch! Here is what he said about it:

“Thank you for the expedited shipping.  That was so considerate of you.  As I sit here typing this, the watch glittering on my wrist, it’s just fantastic.  I was struggling a bit with spending so much money on myself, but I have been wanting a watch like this since forever.  I love how the watch sits on my wrist.  It looks great.  Kind of relieved that the lume is much less yellow in person than in the photographs.  Thanks again.” -Wayne

You rock, Wayne. Glad we could get your watch delivered so quickly!

Oh wait… what is this… it looks like Loki the cat is making a very special appearance in wristshot pic #2! She seems to like the Pablo watch as much as Wayne!

Pablo Profundo Watches And Cats Wristshot

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