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1899 Waltham Ladies Pocket Watch

1899 Waltham Ladies Pocket Watch


1899 Waltham Ladies Pocket Watch


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Vintage American Waltham Watch Co. Seaside pocket watch. Ladies size 6 with a gold filled case measuring 42mm in diameter.

Made in USA

These days, you have two choices for American watches: buy into confusing marketing hype and phrases like “built in Detroit” or “designed in LA” or you can own a watch like this that was actually 100% made in USA.

The Age

Based on the serial number on the movement in this timepiece, we have determined that it was produced in circa 1899. That makes it 120 years old and still ticking!

The Case

The hunter style Monitor case has a decorative engraving on the front and back covers. On the inside of the back cover you will find the original paper tag that reads: 14K Gold Filled / This certifies that the accompanying case No. 315410 is made of a plate of solid 14K gold overlaying a plate of composition metal and is warranted to wear 20 years / National Jobbing Company.

Detailed Specs:

  • Age: circa 1899
  • Movement Serial: 9200260
  • Case Serial: 315410
  • Model: 1890
  • Grade: Seaside, 3/4 plate
  • Size: 6S
  • Type: Crown wind, crown set
  • Dial: White with black Roman markers
  • Blued steel hands
  • Case Style: Hunter
  • Case Finish: 14K Gold filled
  • Stamped: Monitor
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Total Weight: 262 grams / 2.2 ounces
  • Safety Barrel

Condition: Running condition. The exterior of the case has a consistent finish without major wear or fading. No issues with winding the crown or time setting. The button and hinge open the cover and keep it shut. The front and back covers snap shut and stay closed. There is noticeable wear and fading on the inner covers. The dial is very good. The crystal is excellent. This watch has not been polished or serviced by us.

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