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Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Bracelet

Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Bracelet


Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Bracelet


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Glashutte Original is known for being the best bang for the buck in the world of high-end timepieces… and the bracelet on their Sport Evo models is second to none. From construction of the screw links to the sturdy double push-button clasp, this desirable piece is highly underrated within “best bracelet” discussions – mostly because most collectors have not had the chance to appreciate the engineering first hand. Sure, the Deepsea bracelet is praised for its Glidelock clasp and the ability to adjust the size on the fly, but did you know that before Rolex had this feature, GO was ahead of the industry with their James Bond-like hidden micro-adjuster aka diver’s extension. That’s right, just press the double G logo in the center of the clasp to slide the bracelet in and out for a looser or tighter fit.

This bracelet was originally on a Sport Evolution Chronograph watch, ref: 39-31-43-03-14 (20mm lug-width). It is sized to fit a small wrist without extra links. Laying flat with the extension extended, it measures just approximately 6.5″. Although the bracelet itself is very hard to find, the links are easily obtainable on eBay if you need a larger fit.

We are unsure of a specific reference number for this part. The inside of the clasp is stamped Patented BRO.

Includes: Bracelet only.

Condition: Very good. This bracelet has not been polished by us. There are some signs of surface wear, swirlies, and desk diving marks, but nothing major that can’t be cleaned up. There is expected wear on the link that is closest to the clasp. This is normal and occurs due to the micro-adjustment sliding feature. It could easily be refinished, but we recommend wearing and enjoying it for as while as it is before putting it polishing/satin refinishing process. Another recommendation is to get in the habit of closing the clasp similar to how you would close the dust cover of a pocket watch… by squeezing the buttons, pressing the clasp in, then releasing. This will keep your clasp snug over time rather than just snapping it in every time which could put necessary strain on the spring mechanism. Of course, this clasp is on the “Sport” model, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful about using it.

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