How to Sell a Watch on Consignment

Please complete the Sell/Trade request form here and a consultant will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Just Some of the Benefits of Consigning a Watch on KeepTheTime

  • An established marketplace for authentic luxury watches
  • We do all the hard work: photographs, research, listing, etc
  • Access to a global network of watch collectors and dealers
  • Get the most money for your watches
  • Cash in the watches you don’t wear anymore
  1. How does it work?
    Easy! We sell for you. We provide you with an all-inclusive consignment process including: research, pricing, professional photography, description write-up payment, shipping and finalizing the sale of your items.
  2. What are the fees?
    Listing fees for individual clients are:

    • $50.00 per item listing
    • Negotiable % of final sale price depending on the watch

    Fees only apply to items sold, which means there are no upfront fees to consign with us.

  3. Do you only sell certain brands?
    Please send us the details of your watch including brand, model, purchase price, style and age, in order for KeepTheTime to determine if we will accept your item. We may be unable to determine an accurate selling price prior to viewing the item as condition may greatly impact the value.
  4. How do I get my watch to you?
    Your items must be shipped to our corporate office. Please contact us 888-808-5118 so we can give you shipping information. If we cannot sell your watch before the deadline, we will contact you and we will return it to you at no charge.
  5. Is there a fee if I want to cancel the consignment agreement?
    Once the consignment process has started, we charge a return fee of $50 for agreements cancelled before 60 days.
  6. If I send my watch to you, will you pay for shipping?
    KeepTheTime will only cover the cost to return your watch in the case that it either doesn’t sell or you wish to cancel the consignment agreement.
  7. What happens if my watch doesn’t sell?
    We will do the best we can to sell your watch. If it does not sell within the agreed upon time frame, we’ll contact you suggestions such as lowering the price or trying to sell it again at a later time. The current market demand for certain items may not be very high.
  8. Where can I send the details of my watch for a proper evaluation or an assessment re-sale value?
    You may send the details of your items for an evaluation by e-mail to: Or you may contact us directly at 888-808-5118. Please be sure to include your name and contact information. We’ll try to get back to you within 48 hrs.
  9. How long before a consignment consultant calls me?
    In most cases you will receive a response within 24hrs. However, once your information is submitted it may take up to 48hrs for a response.
  10. Where do I call/e-mail to check on the status of my items?
    You may send an e-mail requesting the status of your item(s) to
  11. I am unsure the authenticity of my watch. Will you make sure it’s genuine?
    Because KeepTheTime guarantees the authenticity of every watch it sells, we will closely evaluate and research your watch in order to ensure its authenticity prior to attempting to sell it.
  12. I have not heard back from a consultant yet, what can I do?
    You may send an e-mail to or call us at 888-808-5118.
  13. I own a boutique/jewelry store/watch shop and would like to partner with KeepTheTime.
    We are always eager to partner with new dealers. Please send an e-mail to
  14. Do you accept Trade-ins? I would like to trade in my watch?
    We do accept trade-ins on certain watches. Please submit the details of your watch and what you wish to trade it for here.
  15. Why not just buy my watch outright?
    We may decide to buy your watch depending on the brand, overall condition, and asking price.
  16. Will anyone know it was my watch that you are selling?
    We take confidentiality very seriously. The only way anyone will know it was your watch is if your name is signed on the warranty card.

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