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In the world of watches, it can be exhausting to choose a timepiece for many reasons. The characteristics of one watch may not suite the taste and style for one person, but may be the life’s goal of another. Where do we start? Do I want to be a watch collector, aficionado, or just looking good, all together, with a dress outfit? At we cater and help those that long for the right timepiece. We start with the initial breakdown and questions, that I would ask a customer if they were across a display case from me.

What size appeals to you? Men’s and ladies watches have trends just as in the clothing fashion scene and can very greatly. The safe spot runs from 35mm to 45mm for men and 22mm to 35mm for women. This is the measurement just before the crown of the watch to the other side.

What shape has the right look for you? Watches are traditionally round, but can come in Tonneau (barrel) square or with artistic shapes depending on the designer and company. Would I prefer a strap (leather bracelet) watch or a bracelet produced in metal? Would I like a precious metal, such as gold, platinum or silver?

All these things are very important in choosing a watch for your wrist. The type of watch you wear says a great deal about your personality, and taste. Feel free to contact us with a question about the right timepiece for you.

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