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Anonimo Watches Notebook Made in Italy


Anonimo is a luxury tool watch company that was originally founded in Florence, Italy. As the story goes, Panerai was acquired by Richemont Group in 1997 and moved from Florence to Neuchatel, Switzerland. The multi-billion dollar conglomerate didn't need all of the machinery and staff, leaving some of those assets behind. That's when Federico Massacesi saw this as an opportunity and ran swam with it. In the same year, Federico and his team at the newly formed Anonimo Firenze launched their first model called the Millemetri. Later, watches such as the popular Militare and Polluce were introduced to the lineup.

Anonimo VS Panerai

Editor's Commentary: For the watch community, enthusiasts always seemed to have a love/hate relationship with Anonimo. Hardcore Panerai collectors would see it as a wannabe or "poor man's" PAM, while Anonimistis would see it as a the roots of a once legendary brand that went astray (and literally sold-out). Either way, the watches (always mechanical) are built tough with solid cushion case designs and Swiss (ETA or Sellita) movements. Eventually, in what appeared to be a downturn for the brand around 2010, Anonimo pieces were seemingly being dumped on the gray-market. It affected the used watch market as well. At that time, you couldn't give an Anonimo away. Ironically, similar to the history of Panerai, the independent Italian brand was eventually sold and relocated to Le Locle, Switzerland in 2013. More than 25 years later, they still make tough cushion style dive watches - but how meta would it be if a third Italian brand was started with the leftovers from being acquired :P

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