Alpina Collectible Lanyard Keychain

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Although Alpina was founded in 1883, the brand didn’t immediately catch on in the US market – similar to its parent company Frédérique Constant. They started to establish a strong following as soon as collectors realized the quality of sport watches that they were capable of producing. The watch industry has changed so much since KeepTheTime opened its doors… fast forward to 2018 and they are putting smart watches on Kickstarter like your favorite microbrands (and raising 1.5 million USD)! The Extreme line of dive watches and Startimer chronographs have become huge hits among watch collectors. official site

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  • Alpina Collectible Lanyard Keychain

    Alpina Collectible Lanyard Keychain

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  • Alpina Extreme Diver Chronograph

    Alpina Extreme Diver Chronograph

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