Quartz vs Auto vs Mechanical Watch Movements - Tag Heuer, Kobold, Ingersoll

Don’t be a watch hater or timepiece troll!
Quartz, auto, mechanical… As long as a watch is authentic then there’s no reason to diss it.

True watch geeks respect watches in all price ranges, all movement types, from all countries. They are all part of this wonderful watch world we’re in – from cheap to expensive; mechanical to electronic; analog to digital… they all have a place in timepiece history and have affected watchmaking technology and the evolution of production.

Hate Chinese watches? Guess how many of your favorite “Swiss” brands use Chinese made components. Hate Japanese watches? Thank them for lighting a fire under the ass of the Swiss watch industry. Hate quartz? Thank them for keeping accurate time to set your mechanical watches to.

At KTT we don’t discriminate. One day we sell a $13,000 Rolex YMII, the next week the same member comes back to pick up a fun Ingersoll watch. Buy what you like, and never care about what other people with think about your watch. To each their own!

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The watches above: Tag Heuer Formula One with ETA quartz movement, Kobold Soarway Diver with ETA automatic movement, Ingersoll Chinook with Chinese-made mechanical movement.

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