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Panerai caseback serial numbers reference guide

What are the numbers on the back of Panerai watches?

Panerai caseback serial numbers reference guide

A lot of you Panerai guys might be wondering what all the confusing numbers are on the back of your watch – with so many experts, the watch world can be an intimidating arena to ask questions. Never fear, the answer is here.

Refer to the chart above to get an idea of what everything means. When you go to sell your PAM, most buyers will want to know the “series” or production letter. This letter tells them the approximate year your watch was manufactured. The letter is placed before the production number on watches after 1997.

You can figure out the production year by matching “A” with 1998 and adding a year for each letter in the alphabet. So “A” is 1998 and “B” would be 1999; C, 2000… and so on.

The picture above is of a Panerai Luminor Daylight Chronograph… a recent addition to our catalog.

Panerai Serial Numbers by Year:

Serial Letter Production Year
None 1997
A 1998
B 1999
C 2000
D 2001
E 2002
F 2003
G 2004
H 2005
I 2006
J 2007
K 2008
L 2009
M 2010
N 2011
O 2012
P 2013
Q 2014
R 2015
S 2016
T 2017