Urwerk Ur 210

Watch Identifier: Urwerk UR-210 Horological Thermodynamics

Urwerk Ur 210

This titanium and steel badass was one of the highlights in the Palace this year at Baselworld. The Urwerk UR-210 is pure horological engineering at it’s finest.

This haute watch features a time-telling complication combination never seen before: a patented revolving satellite with wandering hour and a 3D retrograde minute hand.

Also on the dial is a power reserve indicator and winding efficiency indicator which tells you the consumed and generated energy of the mainspring over the last two hours. Flip the watch over to find the winding efficiency selector. This watch is a thermodynamics nerd’s dream machine!

As for the big question, what is the retail price? The Blackhawk edition retails for about $150,000 USD. If you get the rose gold model, you’re looking at a $170,000 USD price tag.

Urwerk Ur210 Baselworld 2013

Urwerk Ur210 Watch Side Basel 2013

Urwerk Ur210 Watch Side Baselworld 2013

Urwerk Ur 210 Baselworld 2013

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9 years ago

muy hermoso,cuanto vale.

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