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The idea that mechanical watch movements are mini engines on our wrists isn’t new, but the Timeburner takes the concept literally. Miki Eleta and Marc Jenni created this new timepiece equipped with a piston to tell time.

KeepTheTime had a chance to meet up with Marc for a live and unrehearsed video presentation of their latest invention. Read the transcript below to lean more about this burner of time:

So we’re talking about the watch, which is a collaboration between Miki Eleta and me, Marc Jenni. It’s about a concept, a kinetic concept, to which we wanted to bring on one’s wrist. The piston, the rod and the crankshaft, is the main part of every engine you can find in the world. So if you’re talking about the car, the motorcycle, or even the steamboat, they all have the same main function.


We call our watch the Timeburner because it’s actually not burning petrol, it’s burning time. While the time is running, and time flies by, we say the time is burned. The crankshaft and the rod bring the movement to the piston, and the piston then is showing and indicating the minutes. So for instance, right now, we can see it’s 7:00 and then when time goes by, or is burned, you can see right now it’s 7:10, 7:15, 7:20, and 7:30. And once you’ve reached the opposite side, it turns back the piston, 7:40, 7:45, 7:15, and 8:00.


So the whole and the entire watch is a free interpretation of Miki Eleta, and tribute to motor engines. So you can see we have here, the cooling system of the motor, the outside. This is actually the crown, it’s called the stroke, it’s to give the ignition to the movement, the winding. Then, on the back, we feature a modified Unitas movement, which gives the power to the rod and the crankshaft, and it represents the motor in itself. And we also have a little license plate for this time machine, with the engraving of the Swiss flag, just as we have it here on the cars.


The watch comes in three different version. This is actually the all black version, we also have a chrome version, which is simply a polished steel. And we also have an entire steel piece which is polished and sandblasted.


And it’s a representation – it’s a collaboration between me, Marc Jenni, and Miki Eleta, both from the Academy of Independent Watchmakers.

We also captured the aluminum prototype in action, demonstrated by Miki Eleta himself – video on the way.

More info at

Timeburner watch by Miki Eleta and Marc Jenni at AHCI Baselworld

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