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The $42,500 Seiko Watch Worn by Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs Seiko Quartz Watch Apple Computer Ad

This photo of Steve Jobs holding the very first Apple computer was taken in 1984 by Norman Seeff. Place the image in front of any watch geek and they’ll mostly be interested in one thing: What’s on his wrist?

Lot #89100, containing the wristwatch shown above, was recently auctioned off by Heritage Auctions. 15 bidders battled it out until the hammer dropped at a whopping $42,500!

 Steve Jobs Seiko Quartz Wristatch Auction 6431-6030

A 1980’s battery powered quartz Seiko watch with a white dial and Arabic markers. The reference number found on the dial and caseback is 6431-6030. According to this guide, the first four digits indicate the caliber number.

 Steve Jobs Seiko Quartz Watch Caseback

Why the high price? Watches are very personal objects, and the simplicity of this one says a lot about its wearer. In contrast, other items used by Steve Jobs have been auctioned off for much less: Birkenstock sandals $2,750; black turtleneck $7,500; pen with the Apple logo, business cards, and a signed USPS return receipt $16,250.

Of course, all of this begs the question, what would Steve Jobs have on his wrist today?

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