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How to Set a Star Tech ST 3000 (Operating Instructions)

St3000 1

The discontinued Swiss Army Star Tech ST3000 is almost exactly the same as the updated ST4000 model. Both watches have the 24 hour scale on the dial, but the newer dial includes labels for the 5 buttons and crown. Your ST3000 looks cleaner without those markings, but that means you’ll have to remember the function of each of the buttons. Use the diagram above as a quick reference guide.

Unfortunately, Swiss Army Victorinox has removed all of the information about the ST3000 from their site and instruction manual archives. They still provide information about the ST4000 and St2000, as well as ST 1000. You can find the instructions to the ST4000 here – these should help you navigate your way around your ST3000.

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Mark S Foster
Mark S Foster
5 years ago

I need a copy of the Startech 3000 manual.
Can you help me?

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