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Spinnaker Overboard Automatic Watch

Spinnaker Overboard Automatic: Diving in Style

When Spinnaker sailed out to create the Overboard Automatic, they wanted to design a tool that was more than a tool watch.

A quick glance at their Instagram page will give you the impression that they like boats. That’s an understatement. They post pics of boats, sponsor boats, and name their watches after boat stuff. In fact, a spinnaker is actually a specific type of sail, which is also depicted in the logo found at 12:00 on all of their models.

But this isn’t just a boatman’s brand. Spinnaker seeks to dive into the affordable watch market and shake the ship. The industry might get a little seasick!

Our timepieces through a combination of material, design and craftsmanship pay tribute to the world and lifestyle of yachting, with a flair and style that makes each timepiece wearable on land and on the waves. -Spinnaker

Which brings us to the Overboard Automatic shown here. Spinnaker created a watch that could withstand the depths, but also included aesthetically pleasing features that are often found on non-dive watches.

As for the tool side of things, this beast is equipped with all the necessities. For example, a spring-loaded helium escape valve to let out the gases when resurfacing from a dive. It also has screw-in lug bars, a seamless clicking bezel with a lume dot at 12:00, as well as a screw-down crown with a nice grip for easy adjustment.

The wave dial is a nice touch and is available in silver, black, blue and orange. A contrasted minute hand helps you keep track of how long you’ve been under water. The lume isn’t bad, but for a watch that can make it 1,000 meters / 3,300 feet under the sea, we’d like to see it glow longer.

The black silicon strap is silky smooth and is branded nicely. If you are more into bracelets than straps, then you’ll want to look for the Stern, Skerry, Vessel, or Wheel & Winch models – but keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing the high water resistance rating that comes with the Overboard.

As for mechanics, you can see the heartbeat of the automatic movement from the opening at 9:00. Inside is a TMI/Seiko caliber NH35. More on that here. While it’s nice to see the ticker beating from the inside, it’s a bit shadowy in some angles due to the closed caseback. This was not an oversight in the design process, it is in order to maintain the ability to withstand great pressure under water.

Strap an Overboard Automatic on your wrist and you’ll make waves in and out of the water without going overboard on your budget. Overall, you’re going to be impressed by the build quality and the case design for under $600 USD.

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Spinnaker Overboard Automatic WatchSpinnaker Overboard Automatic WatchSpinnaker Overboard Automatic WatchSpinnaker Overboard Automatic WatchSpinnaker Overboard Automatic WatchSpinnaker Overboard Automatic Watch

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