Sellita Caliber Sw200 1

Sellita SW200-1 Workhorse Introduction

Peren Nera Rogue Microbrand Sw200 1 Watch Movement

The Sellita caliber SW200-1 is a Swiss made automatic movement found in a wide variety of watches from well-known luxury brands to up and coming microbrands. This workhorse movement is based on the legendary ETA caliber 2824-2. In fact, it is referred to as an ETA clone for that reason. This is possible thanks to the expiration of most of the patents that protected the original 2824 design. Although, due to some updates throughout the years, the movement is not exactly a 1:1 copy, but very close to it. So close that some brands even use both movements in the same model of watch, some even using the same brand-designated caliber number regardless of which one is used. For example, Glycine’s caliber GL224 can be a 2824-2 or SW200-1, also known as a Forrest Gump movement: because you never know what you’re gonna get. One way to figure it out is based on the number of jewels spelled out on the rotor. The Sellita SW200-1 has 26 jewels and the ETA 2824-2 has 25. Some other notable specs are its beat rate of 28,800vph (4Hz), hacking seconds, ability to handwind it, and power reserve of about 38 hours.

Marathon Gsar 6645 21 588 0133 Sellita Sw200 1 Markings

Marathon Gsar 6645 21 588 0133 Sellita Sw200 M2

Marathon Gsar 6645 21 588 0133 Sellita Sw200 1 M2

Spinnaker Tesei Bronze Dive Watch Sw200 Movement

Spinnaker Tesei Bronze Dive Watch Sw200 Caseback

Pharos Sentinel Watch Sw200

Pharos Sentinel Watch Sw200 1

Spinnaker Bronze Dive Watch Tesei Movement

Spinnaker Bronze Tesei Sp5060 Sw200

Rebel Aquafin Microbrand Dive Watch Sellita Sw200 1

Oris Aquis Diver 01733765341350742634eb Sellita

Serket Reef Diver 2 Movement Sw200 1

Farr Swit Seaplane Auto Day Sellita Sw200 1

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