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Watches Various 9 2015

Rough Draft #1

Maybe not everyone cares about presentation. Beautiful pics. Well thought out descriptions. Verified specs.

But we do. We really do.

This creates a conundrum because it takes a lot of work and a long time to list each watch. That means you don’t get to see what we have in stock and we don’t get to turn inventory as quickly. Maybe a win-win for our pride and your eyeballs, but a lose-lose for our business and your attention.

We’re going to try something new. A compromise of sorts.

Introducing Rough Draft. A section on the blog where we’ll occasionally post some photos of what we have available, but not quite ready – meaning not professionally photographed, fully researched, or well described. Keep in mind, these are rough, raw and unedited pics… probably straight from one of our phones.

If you see something you want. Let us know. Not sure where this will go, but let’s take a shot…

Rough Draft #1 pics coming… if you see this it means we’re still trying to figure out the fastest way (remember this is about speed) to get pics from the phone to this post. Refresh anytime, you might see something new.

Dan Henry 1939 limited edition chronograph

Wow it works. Ok let’s keep going…

American Watch Co. vintage pocket watch

Straton straps

AVI-8 Flyboy review soon then shop

Eterna Vaughan auto

Invicta 1199 limited edition

Bulova hack watch

Baume et Mercier Capeland chrono

Elliot Brown Bloxworth