Rolex Sub Gmt Master Instagram Side By Side

Rolex GMT-Master II VS Submariner Quick Comparison

Rolex Sub Gmt Master Instagram Side By Side

Apples and oranges, but they’re both delicious fruit. Here is a Rolex Submariner next to a GMT-Master II.

A few basic differences between 16610 vs. 16710:

Rolex Submariner Rolex GMT-Master II
Reference: 16610 16710
Diameter: 40mm 40mm
Movement: Automatic Automatic
Caliber: Rolex caliber 3135 Rolex caliber 3185
Bezel: Uni-directional bezel (only rotates counter-clockwise) Bi-directional bezel (rotates in both directions)
Bezel Color: Available in black or green (anniversary model) Available in black, red/black (Coke), red/blue (Pepsi)
Water Resistance: 300m/1,000ft 100m/330ft
Crown: Larger Triplock screw-down crown Smaller Twinlock screw-down crown
Time Zones: One Three (24 hr hand + bezel)
Clasp: Larger clasp w/ wet suit extension Smaller clasp, no extension
Date: Available without a date Always has a date

Between the Submariner and GMT which one would you choose and why?

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