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Konstantin Chaykin Religious Clocks and Watches

Over the years, we have featured several of Konstantin Chaykin’s novelty watches from Baselworld. Now, we’re taking a look at some of the Russian watchmaker’s religious pieces. As the maestro said (watchpro.com/konstantin-chaykin-creates-most-complicated-russian-clock):

“I create timepieces related to religion because I am fascinated by the history of time-telling. There is a surprising amount of information about how mankind learned about time in all holy books. And creating timepieces to reflect this knowledge requires monumental research and work.”


The Hijra model is made with the teachings of Allah in mind. In addition to telling the time, this piece features an Islamic calendar complication and also displays the new moon phase. This watch comes in black or silver and was created especially for Muslim watch collectors.

Konstantin Chaykin Baselworld Religion

The numbers, days of the week and months are all written in Arabic. The design of the hands is inspired by Muslim architecture: The hour hand resembles a mosque; the minute hand looks like a minaret; the calendar hand has a crescent moon symbol on the end. The caseback features scripture from the Koran:

“It is He who gave the sun radiance and the moon light, and determined their stages so that you may learn the calculation of years and the reckoning of time.”

The reference numbers shown are K161PT410203 (black) and K161PT4102SP (silver). Find them here

Konstantin Chaykin Baselworld 2013 Religion


The Decalogue is inspired by the astronomical precision of the Jewish calendar – also the official calendar of Isreal. The movement features a complication that turns the hands anti-clockwise. This feature has been patented by Konstantin Chaykin and is called the Reverse Movement System.

This is the only watch in the world to calculate the halakim and ragaim Jewish units of time. A halakim is about 3.333 seconds, while the ragaim is about 44 miliseconds.

The dial features ancient Aramaic letters that represent the Ten Commandments – which is what the term “Decalogue” stands for. The hour markers consist of letters from the Jewish alphabet. The second hand is a rotating Star of David with a moonphase indicator at 6:00.

The watch shown below is reference K123RG040203. Find it here

Konstantin Chaykin Baselworld Religion Time

Shabbat Clock

This clock was created to pay respects to the Shabbat. As one of the Ten Commandments says: The seventh day is the Shabbat of the Lord, thy God. The Torah calls for the Shabbat to be a day of peace, away from the turmoil and rustle and bustle of daily life. God created the world and it can go on existing without man’s help.

Konstantin Chaykin’s site says it best: Six days a week, people strive to rule the world but on the seventh day, they must strive to master themselves. During the Shabbat it is prohibited to prepare an object for operation, including winding a timepiece or clock.

“Konstantin Chaykin has thus invented a clock that respects the Shabbat. The patented mechanical device either provides the energy lacking to the spring to ensure the timepiece does not stop, or it stops 5-6 hours before the Shabbat begins. The timepiece’s power reserve is shown on a separate display.”

The reference number of the clock below is T730SS73CO00. Find it here

Konstantin Chaykin Baselworld 2013 Religion Clock

Lunar Hijra Clock

The Hijra clock displays the months and dates of the Islamic calendar. The mechanism that allows for these complications has been patented by Konstantin Chaykin. Each movement is comprised of 350 individual parts.

The Lunar Hijra contains seven complications: 1. a one-minute tourbillon, completing 18,000 half-oscillations per hour, 2. a moon-phase display, 3. a month display (Gregorian calendar), 4. a date display (Gregorian calendar), 5. a days-of-the-week display in Arabic, 6. a month display (Islamic lunar calendar) with a mechanism to adjust the duration of the lunar month, 7. a date display (Islamic lunar calendar).

The reference number of the clock below is T760SS73FL00. Find it here

Konstantin Chaykin Baselworld 2013 Clock Lunar Hura

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Tomas Jonsson
Tomas Jonsson
5 years ago

I hadn’t heard about Konstantin Chaykin before, which is strange, because his work
seem to be very impressive. Both artistically and mechanically. Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

I like the HIJRA Watch Because This watch comes in black and the watch telling time date and every thing in ARABIC that why i like this

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