This Baselworld show Konstantin Chaykin moved from the AHCI booth to the Palace! His setup was nicely done and all of his current pieces were on display, even a few clocks. Once again, the maestro impressed everyone with a lovely novelty called the Cinema watch inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge. Click the pictures to enlarge – but even that really does justice to this timepiece so please be sure to see it in action in the video above!

The Cinema is a special watch thanks to its animation feature. It is the very first complication of its kind. After being wound up, the animation is then triggered manually with the crown at 9:00. In the future, perhaps Konstantin Chaykin could work an alarm complication into the design and have it triggered by that.

The animation is comprised of 12 different images and also features black shutter to create a defined animation effect and prevent blurriness. Each frame switches every .7 seconds.

The dial is a striking black guilloché with silver accents and “Russia” at 6:00 – Konstantin Chaykin being the world’s most renowned independent Russian watchmaker.

Kanstantin Chaykin Booth at the Palace Baselworld 2013

Konstantin Chaykin Basleworld 2013

Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Watch Basleworld 2013

Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Movement

Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Movement

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