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HYT H2 248-dl-00-gf-ra Black Titanium DLC Baselworld 2014

HYT Watches H2: A Brief Explanation

HYT H2 248-dl-00-gf-ra Black Titanium DLC Baselworld 2014KeepTheTime was fortunate enough to have the chance to learn more about the mysterious H2 from HYT Watches at Baselworld.

Check out the diagram above that points out the features. Those are not springs at 5:00 and 7:00, they are meticulously engineered bellows that control how much of the fluorescent green fluid is released into the hour display. This also helps control the speed at which the liquid moves during time setting.

This horological marvel is now available in a sleek titanium black DLC case as shown above. Ask for reference number 248-DL00-GF-RA.

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