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Humism Kickstarter Watch

Humism: Watches That Turn Time into Art

Humism Kickstarter Watch

Forget fidget spinners and meditation apps. This watch brand has engineered their timepieces to be perpetually pleasing and satisfyingly calming works of art on the wrist. Introducing Humism, a microbrand watch company design studio out of Singapore and their new Kickstarter watches.

When the creative mind behind the brand reached out to KeepTheTime, his pitch (much like his watches) was hard to pass up:

I’m David, the designer of Humism’s Kinetic Art Watches, which feature mesmerizing and ever-changing dial patterns. My designs re-imagine the watch, using the movement of time to create mesmerizing kinetic sculptures for your wrist.

Dazzling wrist art sums it up, but they are watches after all, so how do you tell the time? You’ll want to focus on the perimeter of the dial, where you’ll find two circles: one solid and one empty. The solid circle represents the hours, the empty circle conveys the minutes.

The new models are available in steel with a black/white dial or PVD with a black/yellow dial. There are four dial types that resemble spirographs, flowers blooming, starbursts, fireworks, or whatever else your imagination sees. A Seiko Instruments caliber NH35A (with a custom engraved rotor) does the heavy lifting while keeping the price in the affordable range of around $300 USD.

This is Humism’s second Kickstarter project. The first one was successfully funded by 365 backers. This time they are 745% funded with 46 hours remaining. We’ll have a lot more to say about these timepieces when we get them in for a hands-on review. In the meantime, check out the Kickstarter project page and Humism.com for more.

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Humism Watch Wristshot